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“If we destroy our environment, we are destroying our own survival.”


One of the main philosophies of ViaSolare is designing to preserve the environment.

Our objectives aim for environmental consciousness, contributing for an overall improvement for people’s lives. We can help our clients to have a life of harmony with nature.


One of the many functions of the building is to provide shelter to humans.

These shelters can only be efficient if they attend habitable conditions.

Architecture is the science that makes feasible the development of building design, within such purpose.

According to Vitruvius, the principles of architecture consist of three fundamental attributes: Commoditas, firmitas e voluptas”, which translated from the Latin language, mean comfort, firmness and aesthetics.



How good it would be...

 If we could live in a place

which  would be shaded,

well ventilated

and feel fresh, in summer...

At the same time,

it would be sunny,

warm and cozy,

in the cool days...


How good it would be…

If this type of place,

 would be cheaper to run...


It would be even better,

 if we could have all these things,

using natural resources,

to live in harmony

with the environment!

Sustainable design provides comfort using natural resources. These projects are not different in shape, compared to others. However, it consist of a combination of factors in which the design is developed for a specific use, according to a climate, geographical location and latitude, without destroying nature.

Energy efficient design proposal includes the use of renewable resources available, or  sustainable materials also known as green materials, which allow the best natural thermal conditioning to achieve a comfort zone in every type of climate.  This way, there is not such a thing as a sustainable design style because every climatic region will require a design to suit its condition and the user's activity requirements as well.


Sustainable designed architecture should not cost more money to run or to maintain. It should be exactly the opposite. The intention is to make the building services cheaper to run because it can become a self provider for energy, water and sewerage management. Its most optimum intention is to allow people to have an almost free, independent and healthy living in harmony with nature.

A sustainable building services should work continuously, independent of factors related to service suppliers or external conditions and decisions of political nature. 





"Sustainable Architecture" aims to reduce the energy consumption of the building, as well as it can produce the energy for the building usage whenever it is possible.



Within the types of buildings which are the most efficient for providing thermal comfort with energy savings and integration with nature, we can appoint the bunkers.

The walls and roofs of these edifications can be totally or partially covered with earth and have a combination of exposed elements, allowing the natural surroundings to get integrated with the building.

Walls surrounded by earth have less thermal exchanges because they are less exposed to the weather and climate conditions. So, they maintain more favorable conditions for energy savings inside the building.


The example below shows how these projects can be aesthetically attractive, at the same time that they integrate the user's activities with nature.

Besides leisure areas, any sustainable activity such as permaculture, can become part of the architectural design development.  








These areas can be fit in the roofs and slabs of the building and are known as "green roofs".

Such areas can supply or complement the need for food production as well as provide a barrier for thermal loads with the use of such vegetation.


ViaSolare has experience in the development of such designs, taking special care in waterproofing details and drainage of water in "green roofs", to be reused without damping or damaging other parts of the building with infiltrations. 





"Sustainable Architecture" aims to reduce the consumption of water, as well as reuse it in the building or landscape surroundings.




Water catchment and preservation is another important focus of sustainable architecture.

Without water, there is no living condition for human life nor other living beings from which we depend on in our environment.

Despite he fact of our planet is covered by 2/3 of water, only 10% of it is suitable for human consumption.


Habitable conditions for living with comfort require the building to be supplied by water, for the needs of consumption, hygiene and sanitation.

Projects which include rain water tanks, and which help to preserve water, avoid wasting and allow waters savings.


Roofs and slabs can be used to catch rain water.

The same way, water can also be saved by the use of water wise hydraulics equipment.


Instead of continuing depending on water treatment stations and dams for energy generation which destroy our forests, we can contribute to reduce problems caused by these infra-structures, at the same time that we can benefit economically from it.


Every edification which contribute to save water, by catching rain, reusing gray water, recycling its own sewer and generates it own energy, is helping to minimize the impacts over the environment and are making use of free natural resources available.

In cases where water catchment, recycling and energy production are possible to achieve, this should always be included in the architectural concept stage of the building design.

If you trust the design of your building to us, we will honor our intentions.


“Only when the last tree has been cut down; Only when the last river has been poisoned; Only when the last fish has been caught; Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten. “ 

— Cree Indian Proverb





Now, you can!



ViaSolare can do

such a design for you.



















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