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Green products are the ones used to make your building sustainable. They can be construction materials or equipments which save energy, water or provide natural comfort without harming the environment or life.

Sustainable construction materials don't have to be necessarily raw materials extracted from nature, but their extraction or production should not cause the environment destruction. Industrial manufactured construction materials can be sustainable too according to the minimal impact in their production and so are materials and products which achieve energy or water saving benefits along the building usage.

To know the right materials for your location and climatic conditions, always get the services and advice of a reputable professional like an architect or an engineer who have knowledge in sustainability.

ViaSolare can assist you to choose the most suitable material choices.





How good it would be...

 If we could live in a place

which  would be shaded,

well ventilated

and feel fresh, in summer...

At the same time,

it would be sunny,

warm and cozy,

in the cool days...


How good it would be…

If this type of place,

 would be cheaper to run...


It would be even better,

 if we could have all these things,

using natural resources,

to live in harmony

with the environment!






High energy bills can be a result of non efficient electrical goods.

We design your building keeping in mind energy savings.

We also advise you to choose maximum star rating equipments for your home or your business, so you save money and help to reduce the impact of high energy consumption on the planet.

In Brazil white goods, electrical equipments and electronics are rated by INMETRO, so you can have a reference of the right products to buy.

Our design integrates natural lighting and ventilation for energy savings. 





Water is one of the most precious living resources in the world.

Fresh water natural reserves are being under threat due to heavy industry, untreated sewerage disposal in rivers, radiation, natural disasters, toxic agriculture and many other pollutants.

We design to help you to save water by choosing the right mechanic-hydraulic equipment and installation in your building.

We can also design to include rainwater tanks and recycle grey water for reuse in the garden or washing, instead of using drinking water for such purposes.


Now, you can!



ViaSolare can do

such a design for you.

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