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The high costs of energy consumption, causes people to spend a great part of their earnings on energy bills, for their homes and business. 

If people could realize that they can have free energy, all this money could be used in other needs, to improve the quality or their lives. 


Solar energy is clean and it will be available for the next millions of years.

The best of all this, is that the Sun shines for everybody and the use of its energy has no limits! Nobody owns this celestial star. The benefits of solar radiation are available for anybody who wants to make use of its free emissions.

This is why solar energy makes the consumer independent, unlike other forms of energy provided, which have been controlled and taxed by governments.

With solar energy, people can have FREE energy!


International studies have been indicating for decades that Brazil is located in one of the best geographic locations for solar power energy extraction.

Brazilian nordest is the third in potential of solar radiation per square metre in the planet, staying only behind the region of Sahara desert in Africa and the desert of Gibson in Australia.


If a country like Germany which is located in far up latitudes from the Equator line and which receives a much lower incidence of solar radiation compared to Brazil, is harvesting this source of energy sucessfully for so many years, can anybody immagine how much can we get of this energy in Brazil?

Millions of square kilometers of roofs are currently wasted in sunny Brazil, when they could be fitted with solar photovoltaic panels, for generating electrical power as well as with solar collectors for heating water.

It is about time for people in Brazil to realise the benefits and advantages of the investment in solar power equipment and make use of this clean and free type of energy available in nature. 


How good it would be...

 If we could live in a place

which  would be shaded,

well ventilated

and feel fresh, in summer...

At the same time,

it would be sunny,

warm and cozy,

in the cool days...


How good it would be…

If this type of place,

 would be cheaper to run...


It would be even better,

 if we could have all these things,

using natural resources,

to live in harmony

with the environment!



Solar panels system efficiency, requires sun path facing orientation and local latitude tilt.

The sun position in relation to the Equator Line, determines the yearly seasons and the quantity of solar radiation available, according to weather conditions as well.  

Such panels can be installed in sunny roofs, canopies, verandas, and other elements of the edification.

Solar power can be incorporated to new or renovated buildings which have favorable conditions of solar exposure.


ViaSolare has the skills to create buildings with angular surfaces suit to fit the use of solar panels. So, you only have to invest the minimum required for this type of equipment.

Our architectural projects in solar passive design are developed in a way that your building does not have to use more energy than it is necessary for its the type of climate.

This way, you don't waste your investment when producing your own energy, for the use of extra of air conditioning, due to unwanted thermal loads resulting from solar exposure. Our architectural design  keep in mind maintaining these thermal exchanges to a minimum level.




Now, you can!



ViaSolare can do

such a design for you.






Evacuated Tube Solar System



Water can be heated by the sun infrared (IR) rays.

The panels can be attached to a roof sitting water thank or the tank can be hidden under the roof structure.

There are two types of hot water solar systems available in the market:


-Evacuated Tube: Are vacuum glass tubes with a copper heat pipe which heats the water inside the tubes.


-Flat Solar Panels: Are panels which heat the water circulating inside copper pipes, by thermo siphon. The panels are usually black inside to absorb sun heat and are cover by a tough glass sheet.


Flat  Solar Panels





Monocrystalline PV



Photovoltaic cells transform the sunlight into electric energy.

Energy can be stored in batteries or sent to a grid, to be available for use at night time or in case of overcast weather conditions. 

Panels can be monocrystalline and polycrystalline.


-Monocrystalline PV Cells:

Are made from a single type of silicon crystal and usually have a perfectly uniform appearance. These cells absorb more solar energy and they produce more electricity per square metre. However, the manufacturing cost is higher, these cells produce more energy and the panels are more compact in size.


-Polycrystalline PV Cells:

Are made from various types of silicon crystals and have a "grainy" and less perfect surface than monocrystalline cells. The process of creating the silicon for a polycrystalline cell is much simpler, so these cells are generally cheaper per square metre and the panels are a bit larger, requiring more space for the same energy produced. 


Polycrystalline PV

























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