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Architecture is a time expression of usable built spaces which should last for the future and not be considered as a fast consumption product to be trashed a few years after.

We believe that, what we build should be left as a reference of history, culture and our generation efforts, for our descendants. Without history, people have no memories and as collective people we should be able to learn from the history of those who have been here before.

ViaSolare proposal is to design buildings which do not start falling apart half way of the time you take to pay your mortgage off.  We believe that a building should last much longer than the time you take to own it as yours, so you can leave what you got built for your children, your grandchildren and for the appreciation and reference of people in the future, as an architectural heritage icon.





How good it would be...

 If we could live in a place

which  would be shaded,

well ventilated

and feel fresh, in summer...

At the same time,

it would be sunny,

warm and cozy,

in the cool days...


How good it would be…

If this type of place,

 would be cheaper to run...


It would be even better,

 if we could have all these things,

using natural resources,

to live in harmony

with the environment!




When you invest a great deal of financial resources to make your dreams come true, it should last for a lifetime.


We are also concerned about the environment preservation by reducing the waste of having the need to replace the old by new and by avoiding fashion trashes which do not last.


ViaSolare designs and selects materials with care, thinking of the long term use of your building, so you don't have to keep spending your money to get it fixed.

By getting a sound long lasting building with free energy, toxic free water and low maintenance, you can have an independently and sustainable healthy lifestyle, as well as to leave a contribution that will last for the next generations.





A design for the future is the one which also allows people to stay in their homes or to keep working in the same building as they age or if they have or got a disability condition.


As we age or if we have a disability or health condition, we need designed spaces which allow the circulation of wheel chairs, accessible ramps, support grab bars, non slip floor surfaces and user friendly and easy reachable equipment and furniture.


ViaSolare offers you a professional experience of more than 15 years in designing buildings for people with physical disabilities, retirees and age care clients.

We design your building keeping in mind these possible needs, so you don't have to move in the future.




Now, you can!



ViaSolare can do

such a design for you.








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